Welcome to Selling Online

Welcome to my site Selling Online with Mike Smith in Asia, I hope to share some useful information regarding selling physical products online, marketing those products and other tips and tricks I have picked up.

I am not claiming to be an expert or guru, everyone is constantly learning in an ever changing environment, all I can say is that maybe I am further along in my education. I have also made many mistakes and hope to share those with you all.

There will be a leaning towards selling on Amazon and FBA as this been my primary focus for the past 2 years and really does offer one of the best opportunities for selling online.

What is the aim of my site, firstly everyone has to earn money nobody works for nothing, so while I want to help people in using technology I will also be earning commission on products that I review, this will always be stated and I will remain objective. Not all articles will be  promoting products most will just be informational.

I am also currently working for other sellers to help them improve there market share so at some point in the future I may also be offering my services to sellers.

As I live in Chiang Mai Thailand I will also be sharing my experiences selling in the US and Europe from outside, buying in China and shipping to other countries.

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Mike is a 50 year old Englishman, originally from Yorkshire who lives in the beautful Northern Thai City of Chiang Mai. He is married to Nee, and they have 3 children. Mike has a wealth of experience in the IT Industry and has enjoyed a career working for some large companies around the world.